August 10th 2013

Hey Everybody,

I received many comments about hosing the pigs after that last email.  One customer asked if we had a video to share and unfortunately I do not.  I did manage to get another one posted to youtube though that shows the pigs foraging after they have just moved to a new paddock.

To me, this video really captures the way pigs are meant to live, engaged with their environment, getting their food directly form the earth, and providing a service to the ecosystem.  Their rooting fertilizes and aerates the soil and will encourage microbes to proliferate.  This will help me establish grass here which will feed the cattle.   By carefully managing how the cattle graze, I can thicken and improve the stand of grass.  The ecosystem we are creating will be a blend of forest and grassland that will provide the best habitat for my animals, and improve the habitat for wild animals.  We had a great illustration of this point a couple weeks ago when a family of Solitary Sandpipers moved onto our land.  This is a rare bird for this area and never would have moved in if it weren’t for our efforts at “waking up” this idle, under-productive land.  Still got a long way to go though…