Pastures of Plenty is the work of Graham & Emily, our herd of beef cattle, flock of sheep and posse of pigs. Our mission is twofold: to produce high quality grassfed beef and lamb as well as pastured pork, and to reclaim and restore the Great Farm of Jackson, Maine, our home in northern Waldo County. We work to achieve these goals by practicing management intensive grazing. Our animals are moved regularly in portable electric fence paddocks so that they are always on fresh ground with diverse feed, and our land has time to rest and regenerate after grazing.

2014 promises to be a very exciting year for Pastures of Plenty! Currently we have portions of 100% grassfed beef and pastured pork available to customers in Maine and coastal New Hampshire, so check out our ordering page if you’re hungry for some tasty local meat! We’re in the process of building a small home on the Great Farm and plan to move from Monroe to Jackson this spring. This season we are farrowing our own piglets, lambing on the summer solstice, reclaiming another fifty acres of Great Farm pasture, taking our pig tillage project to the next level and fattening more beef and pork than ever before! Send us an email if you’d like to receive our newsletter or like us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest pursuits, photos, sketches and recipes. We’d love to get to know you and provide you with some of our delicious, wholesome meats!

Graham and Emily