woodland pork

piggoOur posse of pigs has it made in the shade on our farm in Jackson, Maine. They move to a fresh woodland meadow paddock every three days, where they chow down on spent brewers’ grain (solid beer!) and the abundant roots, greens, and bugs of the pasture. Their days consist of rooting, grazing, playing, socializing, and many long naps in the shade. Though the porcine enjoyment described may sound like it’s all fun and games, the pigs actually do an important job for us – the first step to reclaiming the pastures of the Great Farm! They use their faces like plows to till the ground we then seed to grass and clover. Our diligent workin’ pigs deserve their brewers’ grain and naps – they’ve earned it!

Pork is available in half and whole portions which contain a nice mix of fresh and cured cuts and sausage. Contact us to learn how you can get some of our delicious pork into your family’s freezer.

Pork cuts included in a portion:
Bone-in Chops – Shoulder roasts – BACON!!! – Country Ribs – Ham – Ham Steak – Boneless Butt – Sweet Italian, Maple Breakfast, and Chorizo Sausage – Fatback – Leaf Lard – Head – Ears – Trotters – Spare ribsĀ  Hocks – Heart – Kidney – Liver

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If you’re interested in learning more about our pasture reclamation project,
visit our page about the Great Farm