woodland pork

piggoOur posse of pigs has it made in the shade on our land in Jackson, Maine. They move to a fresh woodland meadow paddock every three days, and have unlimited access to all the whey they can drink. We get the whey for our pigs from a local cheesemaker who sources the milk she uses from a local grassfed dairy herd.¬† Their diet consists of a small ration of grain, lots of whey, scraps from the kitchen, and abundant roots, greens, and bugs from the meadow. Their days consist of much rooting, grazing, playing, socializing, and many long naps in the shade. Pork is available in half and whole portions which contain a nice mix of all the fresh and cured cuts and sausage. Contact us to learn how you can get some of this amazing pork into your family’s freezer.

Pork cuts included in a portion:
Bone-in Chops РShoulder roasts РBACON!!! РCountry Ribs РHam РHam Steak РBoneless Butt РSweet Italian, Maple Breakfast, and Chorizo Sausage РFatback РLeaf Lard РHead РEars РTrotters РSpare ribs  Hocks РHeart РKidney РLiver