September 23rd 2013

Hi Friends,

What an exciting summer we’ve had.  I can’t say I hate to see it end though.  Emily and I are welcoming the shift from a high production time of year to more of a marketing time of year.  These cooler days have a lot of people thinking about stocking up for winter, and we are eager to help them fill the family freezer with the tastiest, healthiest meats around.  I have added a lot of people to the newsletter email list in the last 6 weeks.  If this is your first time receiving it, welcome.  If you’d rather not get it every month or so just ask and I can remove your address.


The News.  We just got back the last of our pork form the butcher so now we have a truly massive inventory of outstanding beef and pork that is ready for delivery.  The orders have been coming in steadily and I have greatly enjoyed my trips around the state (even into New Hampshire) to bring folks their portions.  This being our first year growing pork, we were anxious to see whether it came close to the high standard we have set for ourselves with the beef.  Well, drum roll…. it’s good.  Really good!  And our wonderful butcher came through again with a wide variety of really nice cuts, not to mention the incredible job on smoking, curing, and making sausage.  I especially like the Maple Breakfast Sausage they made for us using their own maple syrup.  You can see all of the cuts included in a portion of pork on our website.


The Recipe.  Perhaps the number one cooking question I am asked is what to do with liver.  All or our beef and pork portions come with a small amount of liver.  Some people already love it, some are convinced they hate it, but most of us are just unsure how to use this unique cut of very healthy meat.  Emily and I didn’t grow up eating liver and have had to learn how we like it cooked.  We’ve had great success adding it to homemade sausages, but our favorite dish is this one here.  That’s a pretty wordy recipe I know, but if you take the time to read through, it actually sums up a lot of what is important about liver (just scroll to the bottom of the page to get the recipe and skip the sermon).

We are currently accepting orders for:
Beef:  Available Now! Quarters, Halves, and Whole Animals delivered to your family’s freezer.  Quarters weigh around 80lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact us with any questions and we can talk about it.

Pork:  Available Now! Whole and Half Hogs delivered to your home. Half hogs weigh around 80lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different fresh and cured cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Prices available here.  Please contact PoP with questions and we can discuss how to get you what you want, when you want.

Hope you’re all doing great, we’d love to hear from you!
Graham and Emily