March 24th 2013

Hi Everybody,

Happy Spring!  Although you’d never know it with all this snow.  Oh well, it will be gone soon and there will be green grass growing in no time.  That is both a comfort and a little scary since there is so much to do between now and the start of the grazing season.  There is so much to catch you up on…Emily and I have had an exciting winter with many new developments.

The News.  I guess the biggest thing to announce is that Pastures of Plenty now has a permanent home in Jackson, Maine where we have just purchased some land!  This is a dream come true for us and many years in coming.  The land we bought was a major farm in this area 150-200 years ago but has since been entirely abandoned and allowed to grow up in low-quality woods.  Over the coming years (or rest of our lives…) we’ll be clearing some of the trees and bringing it back into pasture-based productivity by the use of intensively managed grazing of sheep, cattle, and pigs.  Did I say Pigs?  Yes, Pastures of Plenty will this year be expanding into growing pork.  Pigs are the ideal creature for helping convert forest land back to pasture as their rooting and foraging encourages grass and clovers to germinate and out-compete tree seedlings.  Our pigs will be reared much like our sheep and cattle outside on the pasture where they can enjoy their natural piggy-ness while growing incredibly nutritious pork in a highly sustainable way.  Halves and wholes will be available in November.  See the the bottom of this email for what is available when and pricing.
What else is new?  Well, we finally have a website!  Graham’s brother Case put his amazing capacities for visual design and generosity to work and made us something we think is totally gorgeous, worthy of our food and our customers.  Now if only we can get our act together to put some content on there!  Check back often because we will be adding more info and updates all the time.  This newsletter will become a blog page but will also still come to you in your email.
What else is new??  We’re having lambs!!  Four healthy bouncy lambs so far, three ewes and a ram, with many more due next week.  It is so fun watching them learn about the world.  Check out photos on the gallery page of our website.

The Recipe.  Emily’s Bibimbap.  I like that word (pronounced bee-bim-bop).  This is a korean “leftover” dish that Emily has been making and eating pretty much every day lately.  It is perfect if you are really busy (like us, right now) because it is a hearty, balanced meal you can whip up in a few minutes that is easy to transport and eat when you’re on-the-go.  Here’s what you do:  put 1 pound of ground beef in a hot skillet with some fat (half coconut oil and half beef tallow is our favorite).  Add one sliced medium onion, lots of minced garlic and ginger, a few red pepper flakes, and a dash of tamari.  Saute this until the beef is cooked and you are ready to serve it on white rice and topped with kimchi (or sauerkraut, or pickled vegetable of your choice).  Emily likes to mix in some fresh chopped cilantro and one raw egg yolk, provided it is a quality egg from a local farm of course!  It’s a very versatile dish that lends itself easily to additions of whatever’s in the fridge, like adding carrots with the beef, putting steamed mustard greens on top or adding a splash of hot sauce.  I have to say I am enjoying this Bibimbap fixation, it really hits the spot when you have 5 minutes to re-fuel!

We are currently accepting orders for:

Beef:  Quarters, Halves, and Whole Animals delivered to your family’s freezer anytime after July 21st, 2013.  Quarters weigh around 80lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact us with any questions and we can talk about it.

Pork:  Whole and Half Hogs delivered anytime after November 15th, 2013.  Half hogs weigh around 75lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different fresh and cured cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact PoP with questions and we can discuss how to get you what you want, when you want.

That’s it!  Stay in touch, hope to see you soon, Graham

1939 aerial photo

1939 aerial photo