June 23rd 2013

Hi Folks,

How are you enjoying all the light?  This time of year always feels like the peak to me.  It seems like the world is just full to bursting with birds and flowers and bugs and warmth and light.  Pasture plants reach their peak nutritional quality as they begin to bloom.  So too, the animals that eat pasture achieve an incredible level of health.  Some of you have probably heard me say before that the cattle just glow at this time of year when their needs and the needs of the pasture are perfectly balanced.  That is why I harvest my beef now as opposed to in the fall when so many other folks do.  I believe that for grassfed beef to have the highest levels of nutrients and incredible flavor now is the time.

The News.  The beef harvest was moved a little earlier.  I will be bringing the animals to the butcher on Monday so the meat will be ready around mid-July (not late July as I had said before).  My schedule is wide open so those of you who ordered some be thinking about what might be a good day after July 10th when I can bring you your wonderful meat.  I am so excited to share it with you!  Possibly the most fun part of my job is when I get to see all my delightful customers delighted to see their glorious portion of grassfed beef delivered to their home.

Pigs and sheep are humming along doing great as well.  I have been very impressed with how those pigs till my land where we have been clearing.  After three days in a spot they will have completely turned over the soil, eaten everything green, exposed tree roots, girdled stumps, and made me a perfect seed bed for sowing grass and clover.  And they are so happy to do this work for me.  It is pure joy to turn them into a new shady paddock and watch twenty tails wag while twenty snouts plunge into cool soil and root, root, root.
The Recipe.  Rhubarb Relish!  This month I thought I’d get away from the steaks and roasts and talk about one of my favorite meat condiments, equally delicious on a grassfed steak or a succulent slice of ham.  In June, I like to make enough Rhubarb Relish to last a year and freeze it in small containers (canning works too).  Check out how easy it is:  Just chop up 8 cups rhubarb and 8 cups onion and start them cooking down in a roasting pan on the stove top with 3 cups of apple cider vineger.  Throw in 2 cups of raisins and as much sugar as tastes good to you (remember it will only get sweeter as the onions caramelize).  Season with 2 tablespoons of salt, 2 teaspoons each of cinnamon and ginger, 1 teaspoon of clove, and maybe 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne.  Put that roasting pan in a slow oven and let it reduce until it has attained a heavenly gloopiness and the house smells incredible.  I usually let it go overnight.  Then can it or freeze it or just eat it all on steaks, burgers, roasts, meatloaf, pork chops, ham steaks, pork roasts, hot dogs, or whatever!  Works equally well as a glaze or a spread.We are currently accepting orders for:
Beef:  Quarters, Halves, and Whole Animals delivered to your family’s freezer.  Quarters weigh around 80lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact us with any questions and we can talk about it.

Pork:  Whole and Half Hogs delivered to your home.  Half hogs weigh around 75lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different fresh and cured cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact PoP with questions and we can discuss how to get you what you want, when you want.

Prices available here.

Hope to hear from you soon,