January 20th 2013

Hi Friends,

Can you believe it is already getting lighter every day!?  This afternoon I looked outside and thought “It must be about 3 o’clock”  based on the light intensity.  Imagine my shock upon checking the time and finding it was already 4:15!  I love it when the days start lengthening.  Even as we descend into the coldest part of the year we have more sun to enjoy.  The cattle like it too.  It’s fun to see them stretch out on top of the snow and soak up the midday sun and then going romping and chasing each other around.

The News.  Now that is is 2013 we are officially open for pre-orders of quarters, halves, and whole beeves.  This year we will double our production from last year by grass-finishing 9 animals.  Our next harvest date is June 25th.  Beef will be available starting two weeks after that day (so the meat can hang, a technique which increases flavor and tenderness).  Unlike last year, we will be putting all of our meat into storage.  This will give us much more flexibility for when we can deliver to you.  Also different from last year, we will be using a different butcher, one who is eager to provide us with more variety of cuts and even some specialty items like corned brisket and hot dogs…I can’t even get my head around how awesome that is going to be. $50 reserves your portion.  Prices available here.  2013 is going to be an exciting year!

The Recipe.  Over Christmas we had our friend Yang Lili from Tibet staying with us on her first trip to America.  I couldn’t ask her enough about how her people raise their yaks on the high pastures of the Tibetan Plateau.  She also made us many traditional dishes using Pastures of Plenty beef.  How cool is that?  One of our favorites was called Baozi.  It was these puffy steamed dumplings filled with ground beef and leeks and spicy oil.  Check out our flickr page for photos and instruction if you want to try and make some yourself.  I highly recommend it.

That’s all I have to say for this month.  Keep in touch, Graham