grassfed beef

hereford heiferTo produce quality grassfed beef is a slow and careful process.¬† We spare no effort in growing the best beef possible in a dignified and natural way. The keys to this process are supplying the animals with an ideal environment and matching the flow of the seasons to the animals’ pattern of growth.

Our beeves are born in the spring on a neighboring farm where they spend their first months following their mothers through open woodland pastures. When they reach a year old we move them down the road to our farm, where they spend the season being rotated through our diverse woodland pastures, grazing in small groups and putting on “frame” (muscle and bone). As they pass their second birthday the cattle are ready to fatten, and this coincides neatly with the late spring flush of high-quality native forages. The beeves are harvested on or about the summer solstice, just as the pasture reaches peak nutritional quality. This timing ensures that the animals finish at a high rate of gain on the most healthful and abundant feed possible, which translates into well finished beef with a wonderful flavor profile and just the right amount of vitamin-rich fat.

Cuts included in a portion of beef:
T-bone Steak РRibeye Steak РFillet Mignon РSkirt Steak РHanger Steak РFlank Steak РEye-Round Minute Steak РTop Round Steak РNY Sirloin Steak РTip Steak РTri-Tip Steak РShaved Steak РChuck Roast РTop Round Roast РShoulder Roast РStew Beef РOxtail РShort Ribs РBrisket РSoup Bones РMarrow Bones РSuet РTongue РHeart РLiver РKidney РGround Beef

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