August 4th 2013

Hi Folks,

How are you liking your beef!?  Emily and I are basically in seventh heaven right now having one outstanding cut after another every night for supper.  We have even gotten into having steak for breakfast since the beef is so abundant.  It is pretty hard not to have an awesome day when it starts with a hanger steak seared to perfection and sprinkled with a little sea salt.

The News. I know I said in the last email that my favorite part of my job is bringing you people this amazing food but I have to say a very close second is hosing pigs.  We’ve got running water on our land in Jackson now thanks to a gravity-fed system I set up using a small stream.  So on these warm dry days I like to take a few minutes around noontime and just spray those piggies down.  They are usually laying around like lazy lumps at noon but as soon as that hose comes on they start romping and dancing around like kids in a sprinkler.  It is a joyful five minutes for all of us and it helps keep the pigs cool so they are more comfortable and can eat more and grow better.

Aside from hosing pigs I have mostly been working on fencing and doing deliveries.  Our new land in Jackson has come a long way thanks to the hard labor of the pigs, cows and humans working there to bring it back to pasture.  You can see pictures of this process on our gallery page.
The Recipe.  I thought I’d talk about braised steak since some folks aren’t too familiar with this method of preparing highly flavorful and tender entrees.  In the portions of beef you have recently received (or perhaps will receive soon), you will find a variety of steaks.  Most of these are excellent prepared any which way because they are naturally tender.  Sirloins, t-bones, skirt, hanger, ribeyes, and of course fillet mignon all fit into this category.  These steaks are impossible to mess up but achieve their highest and best state when cooked over high heat to caramelize the exterior while leaving the center rare as in grilling, searing, broiling, etc.  However, a few of the steaks, the top rounds, chuck, and flank notably, may be better served by a slow braise.  This will soften the connective tissue in these naturally tougher cuts and yield a dish that is richly flavored, falling-apart-tender, and even has its own sauce right in the pan!  The first step is to sear the outside on the steak in a very hot pan.  You can dredge it in flour, salt, and pepper first if you like a more pronounced crust.  Then remove the meat from the pan and de-glaze with red wine.  Now return the meat to with pan along with everything else you want in the dish.  The simplest, classic version is just some carrots, onions and celery along with a little chicken broth.  This is delicious and a good place to start but you will quickly find you can add almost anything from honey and vinegar to soy sauce to mushrooms to applesauce.  Once all the ingredients are in there all it needs is a very low simmer for around two hours and it is ready to go.  This may sound like a long time to cook a meal but the actual work required is only a few minutes and then you get to do something else in a house that smells increasingly wonderful.  Check online for infinite variations on the basic braised steak.

We are currently accepting orders for:
Beef:  Available Now! Quarters, Halves, and Whole Animals delivered to your family’s freezer.    Quarters weigh around 80lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact us with any questions and we can talk about it.

Pork:  Whole and Half Hogs delivered to your home.  Half hogs weigh around 75lbs.  Portions contain a mix of all different fresh and cured cuts in balanced proportions.  A $50 deposit reserves your portion.  Please contact PoP with questions and we can discuss how to get you what you want, when you want.

Prices available here.
Best wishes from us, let me know how you are enjoying your beef!